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Consumer Bankruptcy Project: Rachael Bazinski

Through volunteering with CBJC's Federal Pro Se Legal Assistance Project, Amanda Prentice and Nick Ackerman of Dorsey & Whitney LLP helped secure a victory for a client who was previously unrepresented and struggling to navigate the federal court system.
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March 23, 2020

What You Should Do if a Family Member is Dying

The anxiety stemming from the impending death of a family member after a struggle with a long-term illness or as a result of an unexpected illness such as COVID-19 makes focusing on routine financial matters that much harder and challenging. It is, however, just such circumstance that should motivate action in order to streamline and simplify what is required after death.

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March 18, 2020

Dealing With the Financial Impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Resource Guide for New York City Residents

With the spread of the coronavirus or COVID-19, communities are being financially impacted as many suffer loss of income as a result of becoming ill or due to the temporary closure of businesses. In these uncertain times, it is important to be proactive when faced with financial distress. Below are some tips and resources that New York City consumers, business owners, and homeowners will find helpful. These programs are changing quickly and additional relief may become available.  

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June 19, 2019

“My Kids Are All I Care About”: Father of Five Fights Homelessness, and Wins

Every day at the Justice Center we’re inspired by the fathers we serve, who fight tirelessly for their children. These dads often face seemingly insurmountable obstacles to fulfilling their kids’ most basic needs, and yet remain relentlessly committed to them. For Father’s Day, we wanted to celebrate the struggles and perseverance of these dads by … Continue reading “My Kids Are All I Care About”: Father of Five Fights Homelessness, and Wins

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June 19, 2019

Design Entrepreneur Launches Successful Business

With over ten years of professional experience in architecture and design, Karen Domingo-Moran knows the value of art and creative expression. So, when her kids’ Queens elementary school – like so many other underfunded public schools – didn’t have the budget for art extracurriculars, Karen was determined to do something about it. Drawing on her … Continue reading Design Entrepreneur Launches Successful Business

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