Client Stories

Healthy Food

Mother & Daughter No Longer Homeless

Mara and her young daughter with sickle cell anemia were living in a homeless shelter without cooking facilities, a huge problem as Mara was unable to cook healthy meals for her daughter.

Living in stable, clean housing was an absolute medical necessity for the child according to her doctor. When Mara began working with Legal Clinic for the Homeless, she expressed concern over transferring to another shelter even if it had an in-unit kitchen because her ultimate goal was to find a permanent apartment.   

Working with the client to balance the health of her child with her desire for permanent housing, the City Bar Justice Center secured a transfer for Mara and her daughter to a shelter in the Bronx with excellent conditions and a kitchen. Within weeks, the family had secured a new apartment and was happily moving out of the shelter system. CBJC is thrilled for the major milestone this family has achieved in stepping out of homelessness.