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Recent New York State and Federal Debt Collection Regulations Increase Consumer Protections

by Ramona Morel, Esq.July 6, 2022

Ramona Morel is the director of the Consumer Bankruptcy Project. Individuals burdened with consumer debt have long grappled with abusive debt collection practices. Many have faced lawsuits on debts that were too old to be sued on, or dealt with defendant creditors without proof that debt was owed. In other instances, individuals have had default … Continue reading Recent New York State and Federal Debt Collection Regulations Increase Consumer Protections

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CBJC’s Veterans Assistance Project Responds to the VA’s Proposed Changes to Mental Health Evaluations

by CBJC StaffJune 7, 2022

As of March 31, 2022, nearly 5.3 million veterans were receiving payments from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (the “VA”) for their service-connected disabilities. Each year, millions of veterans rely on VA benefits for access to vital medical care and essential resources.

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Social Security Benefits Extended to Same-Sex Partner Survivors after Years of Legal Battles

by Sofia ColosimoMay 11, 2022

For decades, LGBTQ partners experienced setbacks in accessing social security benefits upon a partner’s death, often due to discriminatory marriage laws. However, recent legal developments have increased accessibility to these benefits for same-sex couples, declaring the unconstitutionality of previous qualifications and making previously-denied survivors eligible for back pay.

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VA Establishes New Rule for Reporting VA Debts to Consumer Reporting Agencies

by Makedah Salmond, Esq.May 3, 2022

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) published a final rule in the Federal Register amending VA’s procedures for reporting benefits and medical debt to consumer reporting agencies, effective March 4, 2022. The change in this rule and the conversations that have sparked as a result, come at a crucial time for veterans as the VA has resumed debt collection.

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Micro-Entrepreneurs Go Digital: How the Pandemic Stimulated Online Business Growth and Opportunities

by Deborah PantaleonApril 26, 2022

When the Covid pandemic swept through New York two years ago, our city looked to the online business community to access goods and services that were once found in brick-and-mortar stores. As a result, most business owners were forced to re-evaluate their business models to accommodate the growing demand for online shopping if they hoped to survive the pandemic.

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Serving Those Who Serve: CBJC’s 2022 Gala raises over $1 Million to Support Access to Justice for New Yorkers

by Michaela FleischerApril 13, 2022

On April 6, 2022, New York’s legal community came together for the City Bar Justice Center’s 2022 Gala, Serving Those Who Serve, at the New York City Bar Association. In case you missed it, or to relive the memorable experience, click here to watch the Gala.

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